Animal Health

As Veterinary doctor for 25 years (1), I first practised in the field in several regions of France, providing treatments and preventive healthcare to livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, horses) and to companion animals, advising farmers regarding disease prevention, feeding and breeding.

At the same time, I have been working as technical expert in animal health in numerous international missions (Africa, Asia) and in projects for NGOs and development or relief agencies, but also for several European research institutes specialized in the diagnosis and the study of animal diseases.

I also participated in several projects and studies related to “One Health” linking public health and animal health (antimicrobial resistance, health surveys, mixed health activities).

1 University of Liège (Be), 1995

Farmers survey Mozambique


Holding an additional MSc in Epidemiological surveillance of human and animal diseases (2), I have been involved for more than ten years into several scientific studies in laboratory and in field surveys related to the epidemiology and control of animal diseases at regional or national level. These studies were published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals or were presented in reports for the veterinary/public health authorities.

2 National Veterinary School of Alfort, Paris (F) , 2007

Food Security

As Agronomist, specialized in tropical regions (3), I have been involved in several development projects and technical assistance missions related to this transversal topic of Food security of human populations, linking several types of complementary fields of actions : livestock production, dairy value-chain, agriculture for the production of human and animal feed, water provision, nutrition.

3 Institut Condorcet, Ath (Be), 1986

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